Saturday, January 22, 2011

Warning: Extreme Mess Ahead

I've been told I'm one of those people where I walk in a room and stuff just falls on the floor around me. Translation? I'm messy. I'm not dirty; I just have too much stuff for the space I have.  One would think I would stop buying things but that does not seem to be happening. I am working on it though. Why? Point in case below.  I have too much stuff.  

Here is my hair care stash.  (with a couple soaps thrown in there).  Left contains shampoo and conditioner right has hair products.  

Make up one the left. Nail items on the right.  In addition to the make up on the left, I have another storage container and a bag that I use daily.  The thing is, I don't even wear make up that much. I'm always too late in the morning.  What a fail.  And the nail polish on the right?  It's cheaper to buy nail polish then to get manicures.  I'm very logical.  And let me say, I'm very excited for the new Katy Perry collection coming out this month.  

This is me admitting I have a problem.  I plan on going through all the make up to clean it out and organize what I have.  Maybe I'll post an "organized" after picture.  I was planning on hitting up the Container Store but I don't want to venture out in this 0 degree weather.  Too cold for me.  

Here's to a weekend of cleaning and staying warm!


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  1. Oh man, what a good problem to have! I always say it's better to have more makeup / nail polish then not enough. Lots of choices! :)

    I hope you made it to the container store, I LOVE that place! [And I don't think there is on in AZ]