Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Times Like These....

January 27th. OMG I just realized this is your GOLDEN BIRTHDAY and I'm not there so celebrate! Worst friend ever..... I can't get over that...

(let me try again)
January 27th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERICA!!!!!
You are and always will be one of my best friends, no matter what warm place you are living in.  I love you and wish you all the best.  

these are just a few memories from Yes/No night.  It's times like these I miss but know we have so much time to make new memories! I miss this. And that hair color.



  1. HAHA! I love this with all my heart! You are one of my most favorite, and best friends that I will ever have. EVER.

    I miss you more than ever! Birthdays will never be the same! :(

  2. PS I miss the hair too! Change soon? :)