Thursday, December 30, 2010

...Cheers to the New Year

I don't have much to say about 2010.  I think this year has been about learning. Learning more about what I want, what I don't want, and I don't like. (I don't like a lot of things, but that's just my bad attitude I've been told. Awesome).

With that said about 2010, I can't wait until 2011.  This year has to be a fresh start.  A fresh outlook on what I want to do and where I want to be. No, that does not mean moving to the West Coast (haha) but I may reevaluate towards the end of the year my job and location.  BBB is just too adorable to leave right now.

I can't make these crazy resolutions like I do every year.  They are always unattainable and sound good on paper until the laziness I master kicks in. Usually by January 4th or 5th, if I'm lucky.  So this year I will have to focus on becoming more active and healthy.  And once I hit a milestone, say Xlbs, I can look into the idea of visiting Ms.Erica Risselman in AZ.  Or put that off until Zlbs and get a new pair of shoes at X, whatever it may be.  Let's be honest, I would visit Erica today and everyday if my fat ass wouldn't sweat within being in AZ for 20 seconds.  I hate heat.  You couldn't have moved to Alaska? I'd be willing to do Tropical heat, but not AZ heat.  :)  Having a goal of 3-4 lbs a week is completely attainable and is something small to shoot towards.

With that said, I think I'll start updating more.  One post a week will be just my weekly update of how things are going, if I totally fell off the wagon, etc etc.  Having to share the highs and lows (and low lows?) will just help in holding myself accountable.

I know the only person that reads this and I want to say words can not describe how much you were missed in 2010 by everyone.  (But I'll say me the most).  Whether it was singing along with BFF,  laughing at stupid jokes-or at someone- or at ourselves, watching your husband crawl on the floor to clean furniture while we watched TV on the couch, playing Yes/No, bickering about the same people- over and over again like it was something we had not already said 203928 times, or being VIP members of the Mug Club, you truly became one of my best friends.  (I know, don't cry).

And with that said, my NyQuil is not kicking in and I'm coughing up a storm once again.  NYE is tomorrow night and unlike my usual practice, I'll be venturing to the city for the first time in about 4 years.  Have a happy and safe New Year and I only hope the very best for all.


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  1. CARLY!! I love you and this did make me tear up!! I agree, New Year. Fresh Start. And if you put off visiting me until "Z" I will kick you in the butt!

    You better start updating more. I messaged the people I cared enough to keep in contact with my link, and that was that. No way in hell I'd update my life on FB- so this is a nice change of pace!

    LOVE YOU TONS. And we need to talk a lot more this year! Oh the phone that is! XXOO!!